Teen Tourney Team Rules

Team Rules

  1. Any combination of two to four 7th - 12thgraders may form a team by signing up at a participating public library. Teens who register for a team must really want to be on that team and should not be signed up by their friends without their permission.

  2. Each team will decide if they would have like to name an alternate to play in case another member cannot. They may have 2-4 main members plus an alternate. Teams may not play with more than their number of main members (i.e. 3 member team cannot become 4 with their alternate playing too). Alternatives may be utilized only when a main member is unable to compete. Team members cannot be switched from game to game within the Local or Regional Tourney.

  3. Each team must name a Teen Captain. This individual is responsible for coordinating between their team and the library. The Teen Captain is also responsible for motivating their teammates and travel arrangements as necessary.

  4. You must choose a name for your team.

  5. You must register your team during the designated registration period to participate in the Teen Reads Tourney.

  6. No substitutions or additions can be made to a team once it has been formed and registered.

  7. You may not be on more than one team.

  8. One team member must be appointed the spokesperson at the start of each game. As a reminder, this does not have to be the Teen Captain. The Answer Judge will only accept responses from this individual during the game. There will be a 2 point penalty if the answer directed at the Answer Judge comes from another member of the team.