Battle of the Books Game Rules

  1. There will be twenty (20) questions to a game. Each question will be read through twice before timing begins and an answer is given.  Questions will not be repeated after the timekeeper has started the clock. 
  2. Each team has twenty (20) seconds to give the correct book title and author. A warning will be given when ten (10) seconds remains. 
  3. Team members may confer with each other if they wish but only the captain may answer. One (1) point will be subtracted from the team's score for each answer that does not come through the captain. 
  4. A correct response is composed of two parts, the title and author of the work as written on the official list. 
  5. The team receives five (5) points for each correct title and three (3) points if they can correctly give the full name of the author, for a possible total of eight (8) points per question. Points will not be given for a partial author's name, such as the last name only. (Partial points are optional for local matches, but will not be given in the Regional Tournament) 
  6. Only one answer may be given in the allotted time period – the first answer spoken aloud by the captain will be the one that is judged.  
  7. If, at the end of twenty seconds, the team is unable to answer the question, the opposing team has five seconds to give the correct answer. They are allowed only one answer. 
  8. Initial articles, like “A” and „The‟, in titles will be disregarded when determining if a title is given correctly. All other words in the title must be correct.
  9. Only team members may challenge a question. If there is a challenge, the judges will consult the page numbers referenced for the question. Team members have until the next question is asked to challenge a question. No challenges will be accepted after that time.  
  10. At the beginning of each game, the Questioner will offer to read the list of titles and authors so team members may hear the proper pronunciation of each. The pronunciation of the title and author shall be deemed acceptable if it understood by the Questioner/Judge(s). There may not be a challenge on pronunciation.  
  11. If a team member is absent the remaining players may choose to either play with the members available or forfeit the game. No additional players may be added. 
  12. The audience may not coach members of the teams or talk while the battle is going on. Audience members breaking this rule will be asked to leave the room.  
  13. Teams waiting to compete in matches may not watch matches in session. (This rule is optional in local matches, but is in effect during the Regional Tournament) 
  14. Cell phones must be turned off or set to vibrate.
  15. All books, title lists, and other material related to the program must be put out of  sight in the room in which the book battles take place.
  16. All team members must remain in their seats at all times.