Battle of the Books Team Rules

  1. Any combination of four 4th-6th graders may make themselves into a team by signing up at the library.   Students who sign up for a team must really want to be on that team and should not be signed up by their friends without their permission.
  2. No substitutions or additions can be made to a team once it has been formed and registered.
  3. Each team must have an adult coach/contact person. This may be a parent, teacher, or another adult that is able to coordinate between the team and the library.  
  4. You may not be on more than one team.
  5. One team member must be appointed the captain/spokesperson. The captain is the one who will speak the team's answers to the judge in each game. 
  6. You must choose a name for your team. 
  7. You must register your team at your local library during the designated registration period to participate in the Battle of the Books.