Board of Trustees and Friends Group Member Drive

Please consider joining our Friends of the Library or Board of Trustees. Both groups are looking for people who have strong skills in fundraising, human resources, grant writing, and more.


More about the Board of Trustees:

Becoming a Trustee

"Library trustees are powerful advocates for libraries.  Through the coordination, hard work, and determination of trustees, new libraries have been built, budgets have been restored and increased, and new respect has been generated for the powerful role libraries play in communities and on campuses. As part of  a trustee board, trustees serve on a volunteer basis, can be elected or appointed to a library board for a period of time, and are tasked with the duty of helping to direct the funds and policies of an institution. In general, the library board of trustees has a role in determining the mission of the library, setting the policy that governs the library, hiring and evaluating a library director, and overseeing the general management of the library. This role varies with every library system. For specifics on the role your board of trustee has, contact your local library. " from ( (link is external))

Trustees work to:

1. Advocate for the Library in the community

2. Plan for the future of the Library

3. Monitor and evaluate the Library

4. Set policies

5. Hire and evaluate the Library Director


How to become a Board Trustee/ General Qualifications:

Live in Madrid, NY

Set term limits

Come to board meetings

sign an Oath of Office with the town

serve without compensation



More about the Friends of the Library:

How to become a Friend of the Library/ General Qualifications:

Come to meetings and volunteer at events



For questions: Please call the library at (315)322-5673 or email us at