Computer Usage

Wireless Connection to the Internet
         Bring your laptops or other devices and use our WiFi at the library. Use the Madpublic connection to connect to the internet.

Number of Computers Avaliable
         7 computers are available for the public to use.

Operating Systems
         2 of these computers have Windows 8.1 operating system
         5 have Window 7 operating system.

Microsoft Office
         7 computers have Microsoft Office 2013

Child usage of the internet

        We do not  monitor what the children are viewing but we do use a filter which has 3 levels of filtration. Parents must fill out a permission sheet and define what level of filtration they wish for their children and realize that we cannot guarantee that the software will always work properly. It tends to over filter so often times sites that appear to be OK are blocked.

CHILD only allows the children to go to 5 or six predesignated sites geared towards 3 to 5 years of age

YOUTH allows the children to go where ever they wish except online chats,  social-networking sites, gambling sites, games that have online chats, and adult materials. Utube in not blocked. Facebook is blocked

ADULT only blocks the adult themed websites nothing else.