Long Range Plan Survey

Dear Community Member, 


Your library needs your help. 


We are in the process of developing our Strategic and Long Range Plan for 2021-2024, and we want to include your voice. Yes, even if you do not use our library’s services, you are invited to share your thoughts, suggestions, and impressions of our library.


Our Strategic and Long Range Plan is available on our website at www.HepburnLibraryofMadrid.org, and will be updated with information from this survey. You may also complete this survey on our website, as well as view the Director’s Community Report for 2020.


If you are currently a library user, please complete Current Patron Questionnaire, on Side A.

If you are not currently a library user, please complete Community Questionnaire, on Side B. 


You may return your questionnaires to us (scanned for email) at madlib@ncls.org, through our drop box at the library, or by regular post:

Hepburn Library of Madrid

11 Church Street

Madrid, NY 13660


We would appreciate having completed questionnaires back by April 1, 2021, so that responses can be gathered, and the results uploaded to our Strategic and Long Range Plan for 2021-2024.


Thank you for taking the time to invest in one of your community’s richest resources; your library. 




Deborah Chase-Lauther


Hepburn Library of Madrid