Online learning

North Country Library System has a lot of education links. They offer help videos for some of the resources. 

These lessons are free if you have a library card. 

Music Lessons Artist works   Help video  lessons on playing instruments and singing

Universal Class    Help video  Learn how to bake bread, do yoga, HTML, business 101. Excel, Word ect.  Self paced classes that have an instructer who grades your work and when you finish you get a certificat.

Below are interesting links that are educational. The library does not manage or produce any of the following

Kahn Acadamy - watch a video take a quiz school like subjects

Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration - Free interactive, live-streamed core curriculum programs for homebound students from K-6th. Need to register for each class. (Added 3/30/3030)

Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration Youtube channel- Some of the programs are recorded and are available for a limited time. (added 3/30/2020)

Crashcourse  has youtube channels that offers series of short lectures on different subjects school like subjects

Breakoutedu is sharing a few of their educational games with the public. (added 3/31/2020)

MysteryScience is sharing a few lessons from their video "Open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science". (added 3/31/2020)

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