Madrid Come Together Project

madrid come together project #Madridcometogether

#Madridcometogether a community collaboration between the Hepburn Library of Madrid, the Madrid Dam Music Series and the Madrid Pride and Beautification Committee.

This is a community scavenger hunt. No rules, and anyone can participate. We ask that those who do participate, do so safely and while following all of the current health guidelines set forth. To participate, look for each weeks themed items while out doing your essential errands, see if your neighbors are participating, and look for local business to have stuff up too!

Weekly themes:

3/29-4/4 Flower
4/5-4/11 Bunny
4/12-4/18 Yellow Jacket or M&W
4/19-4/25 Heart

Keep a count of how many you can find!

To participate, place an item you made or had in your decorations that fits the weekly theme in a front facing window. Make sure it is big enough to be seen from the road.

You can also create signs of support for our local nurses, doctors, truck drivers, educators and all of the other essential workers. Make sure to follow best health practices and wash your hands often! Together, we can get through this!

The Library will be participating, and we ask that you share a photo of our windows when you find an item from the scavenger hunt. You can email photos to, share them to the library facebook page or to our instagram!