COVID-19 Update 03/09/2020

As of today, we are adding these measures to our protocols:

+ All surfaces wiped down with disinfectant before and after programs

+ Staff wash hands before/after all programs and desk shifts, and before/after using library equipment

+ All returns must be done via the interior or exterior book drop. All material received in the book drop should be handled wearing gloves, and items should be wiped down with Lysol wipes.
+ At the end of each desk shift, staff members should wipe down hard surfaces.
+ Facilities staff have been directed to wipe down all hard surfaces on a regular basis, including surfaces in meeting rooms.
+ When possible, library cards will be scanned in the patron’s hands.
+ Members of the public and staff are encouraged to stay home if they are sick.
+ Limit physical touching.
+ Do not handle food or snacks for others.
+ Clean hard surfaces before and after programs


What Can You Do as a Patron
+ If you have a fever and are sick, stay home.
+ If you are using our meeting room space, make sure that all those who attend are well.
+ Cough into a tissue or into the bend of your arm.
+ Wash your hands regularly before and after using public computers and borrowing material.
+ Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, or nose.
+ Spread the word, and remind friends and family that the library is a trusted source for accurate information.


We will be following the state, city, and school district’s lead. If this means canceling programs, limiting hours, or closing, we are prepared to do that. These decisions are all made at a board and administrative level, and we are having ongoing discussions about it.