1950 donations letter

hand written letter listing donation of place settings for 100 and 5 tables,Text of the handwritten letter

As sponsor of the drive for funds for dishes and tables, the Madrid Home Bureau is happy to present to the Madrid Library - five tables, and dishes enough to servie one hundred people - consisting of 

100 large plates

100 medium plates

100 cups

100 saucers

The following organizations contributed toward this fund,

Madrid Home Bureau                           $35.00

Lions Club                                            $35.00

Methodist Church                                  $35.00

Rosary society of Catholic Church          $17.50

Catholic Church                                     $17.50

Congregational Church Ladies Society   $17.50

Congressional Guild                               $17.50

G. L. F.                                                    $10.00

Dairyman's League                                  $10.00

Waddington Condensed Milk Co.             $10.00

Madrid Fire Department                             $5.00

Legion Auxiliary                                         $5.00

Madridites Home Bureau                            $2.00

October 25-1950  Bertha G Elliott

                             (Secretary of Madrid Home Bureau)