About Us

The library houses a collection of over 10,000 items that can be borrowed by anyone who has a library card from any of the libraries that are members of the North Country Library System. The library also has a community room with a kitchen, which is avaliable for use by the community.

As a member of the North Country Library System, the Madrid Library can offer e-books, e-audio books, as well as many digital databases.

On February 13, 1917, voters in the town of Madrid accepted the gift of a free public library donated by A. Barton Hepburn.  A. Barton Hepburn, born July 24, 1846, in Colton, NY was a nationally prominent banker, financial advisor, and philanthropist.  As he had a deep appreciation for education, this ‘Son of the North Country” wanted to erect public libraries in each of the seven towns over which he had once served as School Commissioner.  The libraries were designed to be a gathering place for social events to be used without charge and meant to stimulate use of the library.  He selected the site (central location), style of architecture (a Dutch design), the architects (Rossiter & Muller of New York City), the builder and contractor (C. E. Castle of Ogdensburg), and donated the first 300 books


     Timeline of projects & Construction at the library

1917-Orignally construction date of the Library     

1917-1975- Limited documentation of work completed at the Library

1975-In April, a heavy piece of masonry fell off the front steps.  May be water/ice damage. 

1976-Custodian will try to repair conditions which are causing leaks under the front door. Walls in downstairs front entrance are splitting. Large amount of masonry work will have to be done soon.  Brick wall is bulging and concrete is crumbling in many places. Hopefully entire frontal façade can be renovated in spring.

1978-Met with Tisdel Associates to discuss repairs/renovations in February.  Further water leakage trouble at front entrance.

1979- Repairs to downstairs library entrance to be done in spring.  Patrons were to use boiler room entrance, and the use of Community Room was curtailed until construction was done. 

1980-Front wall of the Community Room needs repairs.  Problem is caused by dampness from ground outside the wall. Flooding occurred in the basement twice after 2 different heavy rains prior to September.  Both times water was pumped out by the Fire Dept. There was shuffle board court beside the library and it was suggested that the area be turned into a larger parking area.  Church St. was scheduled for repair/renovation under a bond issue per Jim McCall.  Highway Dept will extend curbing to the end of the street and leave opening in front of the library.  Shuffle board area to become part of parking lot.  Parking lot is not black topped, but rather it will be given a hot mix topping. There was a water problem in the men's downstairs’ restroom should be corrected by taking out the old coal bin and the cement partition and fill area with soil/grass

1981-Temporary repairs were made to leaking water pipes in kitchen; permanent repairs were to be made in the spring.

1982-Plaster was coming off the inside front wall of the Community Room.  Suggestions are to replace with insulated wall board or have surface drainage move water away from the building.

1986-The front steps were moved and downstairs front doors were removed

1989- Repair of floor tiles in Community Room

1991- Community Room door replaced.

1993- Sidewalks installed

1995- Grant work included ADA compliant lift, some demolition and excavation of the Community Room.

1997- Upstairs Fire escape added to rear of building

1999- Community Room door replaced.

2010-Exterior pointing work done on pediments of building.

2014 & 2015- Roof replaced

2017- Grant work included interior rehabilitation, new flooring, paint and shelving.

2018- Grant work included the installation of a new ADA compliant lift.