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Battle of the Books at Waddington Coaching Guide


Battle of the Books
for the Madrid/Waddington Libraries
hosted by Waddington Library
388-4454 or subject: battle of the books



  1. Make sure that each team member understands which books on the reading list he or she is expected to read. Coaches are also encouraged to read the books too! Talk about the books with team members - What did they like or dislike about each book? Why?
  2. Meet with the team regularly to offer encouragement, check on reading progress, foster team cohesiveness, and help team members learn authors names and facts from books. 
  3. Act as communicating link between the library, team members, and parents with all information regarding the Battle of the Books. Please keep the library informed of any problems or changes. 
  4. Make sure your team demonstrates sportsmanlike behavior during the battle. 
  5. Make sure your team members and their families understand the rules and expectations the day of the Battle.
Methods of building team spirit:
  1. Decorate team t-shirts. 
  2. Have your team wear the same color or item of clothing to the Battle. 
  3. Make a banner to display at your table during the Battle.  
Methods of preparing for the Battle: 
  1. Decide who will read each book. You will probably want more than one person to read each title. All team members don't have to read all titles, but encourage them to read as many as they can.  
  2. Decide how often you will meet to discuss the books. 
  3. Hold “mock” battles based on the books.  
  4. Have kids make up some of their own practice questions to quiz each other during the meetings. 
Methods of encouraging and rewarding team participants: 
  1. Give words of praise and encouragement.
  2. Serve snacks at the meetings. 
  3. Play a game before your meetings.
  4. Have a pizza party or ice cream outing at the completion of the Battle. 
  5. Keep it fun and make happy memories!