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Battle of the Books at Waddington


Battle of the Books
for the Madrid/Waddington Libraries
hosted by Waddington Library
388-4544 or subject: battle of the books

   team rules,  rules of play,  time-line,  coach's guidebook list

What is the Battle of the Books?

The Battle of the Books is a book battle program, which is a competition similar to jeopardy or whiz quiz games, but questions come from a controlled list of books that participants read in preparation for the games. 

Who can participate?
Any person who is in 4th to 6th grade can compete in the Battle of the Books, this includes, home school students, private school students, public school students, etc.

When does it take place?
Reading begins in October. Registration deadline is in March. Local competition is in May. Regional competition is June.

Where does it take place?
This year registrations will be handled by Waddington Library. This year the local competition will take place at the Waddington Library.

Madrid Library and Waddington Library are working together on the Battle of the Books as they do on the Teen Reads Tourney. They get to host the events alternating every year. In 2013 Madrid is hosting the Teen Reads Tourney and Waddington is hosting the Battle of the Books.